About Us

Dashloans was created For the people & by the people after lending inequality was found to be a massive issue!

-The people that NEED help aren’t getting it!

– We created this for those that need something better than a payday loan, with more time to repay. For those that need a microloan and need to take a few months to play catchup to get ahead. Some people really need help and waiting for their next payday is not an option.

This company was created for people under stressful situations that need funds. The banks have slapped them in the face. We are here to help you in your dire hour of need! you are not the sum of your credit score, You are not your past! You are a real human being that needs an extra boost to get ahead And…

This is the Reason Dashloans was created. We’ve been in that position where every phone call for help goes unanswered, we’ve had to sell all our assets to make ends meet. We understand what it’s like not knowing if our landlord is going to kick you out because you are short $150 for rent.

Dahsloans.ca was created to help you when you need it the most! Online loans are finally possible and you are part of this future