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Do you need to cover unforeseen expenses immediately? Loans can be a great solution for an emergency. However, banks take forever and payday loan companies can charge over 500, 600 or 700% !

Our installment loans are secure, fast, and easy to apply. Simply fill out our industry leading application form for your no obligation assessment. It takes under 2 minutes!

We don’t do hard credit checks. We have discreet and simple criteria designed to approve as many customers as possible. More approvals than the competition!

You can get approved and receive your money as fast as same day. If after 1:30pm EST, it will be next day. How many other places are 24hrs at the latest?

You can then pay back your loan over months, not on your next payday. Installment loans are the better solution.

We Integrate with these Banks Plus MANY MORE:

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Most Popular Loan

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$ 500 Loan
  • 3 Month Payback Period
  • $ 129.05 Bi-Weekly Payments
  • 16.63% Nominal rate
  • Avg Guarantor Fee $250

What is the Difference between DashLoans and Other Lenders?

Free ok check to do vectorSpeed. Dashloans has live agents that can review your application and approve it in real time. If approved deposits can be same day.

Free ok check to do vectorSecurity. We use industry leading software all the way along our process. You can be assured your information is safe.

Free ok check to do vectorFlexibility. Loans can be paid off over months instead of immediately. We also offer extensions and skipped payments.

Free ok check to do vectorConvenience. Apply online from the comfort of your own home. No need to go in to sign documents.

Free ok check to do vectorNo collateral. A third party acts as the collateral for your loan, meaning you don’t have to put up any. This is your surety or bond.

What our Customers are Saying

"I had an awesome experience with DashLoans. Satisfied with the prompt service. I will come back for a renewal again. Thank you!"
Cathy Z.
" Good service rates and easy to re loan .. never had any issues .. good customer service"
Mike K.
"Yes! I highly recommend this company for great service cheap loan fees and always very helpful and dedicated and quick to meet there customer needs."
Cass W.
"They were extremely professional and easy to deal with. Were very quick to respond to questions asked."
Camille S.

Example Loans

*Illustration purposes only. Guarantor fee is subject to change based off risk of applicant. Effective Credit Rate will never be over 32%. 

Alberta, AB

British Columbia, BC

New Brunswick, NB

Ontario, ON

Newfoundlance and Labrador, NL

Prince Edward Island, PEI

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Online loans are loans that you can get completely from the comfort of your own home, or while on vacation, or almost anywhere in the world you  have an internet connection. 

There is no need to go into a brick and mortar building to fill out an application, then another day to sign, then more days to receive funds, deposit funds….. you can do it all over your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever other technology you have.

This saves time and a lot of frustration. We aim to analyze applications within one hour of them being filled out, and if approved you can have your money as quick as same day.

Also, we are “open” 24/7/365. Even when we don’t have our full time staff working, you can still apply and someone will get back within hours.

Installment loans are setup according to a payment schedule that can be paid over weeks or months. The loan is paid off with equal “installments” and not all at once like other loans.

The biggest misunderstanding with our loans is that they are payday loans. THEY ARE NOT. Payday loans in Canada can be up to 780% interest and are due in days, and paid off in full in most cases.

Our loans are never over 32% APR (which means annual). That is a fraction of what payday loans companies charge.

Emergencies happen, and our goal is to provide fast, safe and secure loans to Canadians that would be rejected at other lenders.

In general we have the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Canadian Citizen
  • Proper Identification
  • The ratio of short-term debt is manageable for your income
  • Must not be under an undischarged bankruptcy or plan to do so
  • The minimum monthly income is $1,200
  • Direct employment deposits should have been made into your Canadian bank account for at least three months.

We have a very high approval rate, however not everyone is eligible. The most common rejection is not having one of the criteria above.

Our application process is no obligation. If you do get approved you still have to sign a contract that explains in detail all the terms, conditions, payments, schedule, and more about your loan. You always have complete control over your application process.

Click any of the application buttons on our website and take less than two minutes to apply. Within the hour we will respond and let you know if you are approved or not.

Over the years we’ve found that customers take longer to supply info or sign documents than we take to approve, so give us a shot and see how long it takes.


APR (annual percentage rate):

The APR on the amount borrowed from the lender is always below 32% per year. Your loan is made up of a combination of principal, interest and a surety or bond.


Our loyal customers can renew after a grace period to give them time to complete a previous loan before the beginning of payment cycles of their new loan.

Faster Reimbursement:

Pay off your loan over a period of 91 to 120 days depending on your payroll frequency. You can repay your loan more quickly by making higher payments. You will save on interest.

Responsible Collections:

All attempts to recover any portion of the Net Capital Balance or any additional costs permitted in law will be done in accordance with the laws of Alberta, including the Consumer Protection Act and all associated regulations, including the Collection and Debt Repayment Practices Regulation. We may at times use collection agencies on defaulted loans.

Repay in 91-120 days or more:

If you need to use a surety or bond, the cost of $500 is $250. If you have a beacon score over 700 you will not need a surety or bond.

Responsible Loan Policy:

All applications are subject to a screening process in order to ensure that the borrower has sufficient income to repay the loan. This includes but is not limited to: check that your monthly salary is sufficient to repay the loan, check to make sure you do not have an excessive amount of NSF charges in your bank account; this can interfere with your ability to pay your loan on time. If you encounter any of these criteria, your loan application will be denied.

We Accept Loan Applications 24 hrs a Day:

If your application has been approved and you have signed your contract before 1:30pm EST, your loan can be directly deposited for free the same day.

Live customer service hours are from 8am – 8pm EST Monday to Friday and 8am to 4 pm EST Saturday to Sunday.

Missed Payments and Credit Rating:

Any missed payment will be postponed to the end of your contract, and will result in $45 fee for insufficient funds, as stated in the contract. This will have no impact on your credit score at our business. If you need to defer a payment, you must call 72 hours in advance; this will result in a $25 fee, and will be added to the end of your contract. Loans repaid properly show good will and make the renewal of your loan hassle-free.

Borrow Responsibly:

Please borrow responsibly. We offer a way to help you during difficult times. However, the interest rate is higher than the rate of local banks. These loans should only be taken out when you do not have other options for financial assistance, and you should be used as seldom as possible. If contracted in knowingly, this loan can prove to be the right solution for you. However, the fact of getting together a large number of short-term loans could lead to serious financial problems and debt impossible to bear.

Head Office Located at:

55042 Edmonton RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6W 5B4


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Dashloans is one of the most popular alternatives to payday lending. It’s an online installment loan company in Canada. We strive to approve loan requests in about an hour

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